Fresh Teamwork Research: State of Teams

The way we team is more important now than ever before.

Read the latest research report from Wiley to understand the challenges teams are facing today and how The Five Behaviors® could be the solution for building truly cohesive and effective teams.

State of Teams is a great resource regarding the need for strong teamwork skills in today’s work landscape. The report covers new research from Wiley conducted in the last two months on the dynamic nature of teams in today’s workplace based on insights from over 20,000 employees.

Today’s teams are more complex, fluid, and dispersed

The study shows that teams are becoming more complex, more fluid, and more dispersed—and that our working lives are becoming more team-oriented than ever before.Today’s teams are more complex:

  • Employees work on more teams with more people on a daily basis compared to just five years ago.
  • 76 percent of employees are part of at least two teams within their organization.
  • Directors and execs are often on more than five teams.

Today’s teams are more fluid:

  • 73 percent of people are on more than one type of team.
  • 62 percent are on project-based teams, most often lasting just a few months.
  • 41 percent have worked on teams with consultants and temporary contractors.

Today’s teams are more dispersed:

  • In the past year, 28 percent of respondents have worked with at least one member based in another country.
  • 51 percent have worked on teams with at least one member who collaborated virtually.

Read the full report here.

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