Gain your DiSC® license and become a member of the biggest HR network in the world

DiSC tools are used by more than 5 million learners globally every year.

Value for the participant

  • Become proficient in DiSC application, administration and reporting
  • Attain skills, knowledge and resources to professionally facilitate your own DiSC trainings
  • Get confidence and competence on the principles of DiSC model
  • Gain the skills needed to help foster an engaged, collaborative culture, knowledgeable in the language of DiSC
  • Develop people-reading skills and EQ

DiSC Certification brochure


Any manager, trainer, consultant or HR person, who would like to:

  • Get to know the world’s most popular behavioral model and its application possibilities
  • Develop an ability to spot behavioral strengths and priorities based on DiSC
  • Create strategies to promote a DiSC-based culture
  • Design and deliver a range of programs across all levels of the organization using DiSC
  • Get an internationally recognized certification and add credibility to your profile


  • DiSC® International Certificate
  • Access to purchase and use all DiSC tools and products
  • Company’s or personal online EPIC account
  • Customizable DiSC training materials, hand-outs and slides for your free use
  • Feedback on your personal DiSC profile
  • Continual support and follow-up by IPB Partners
  • Products with partner prices (25% discount on retail prices)
  • For in-person programs: includes lunch, coffee breaks and snacks


Individual Pre-Work (2h)

  • Take the assessment and get to know your personal DiSC profile
  • Listen to your style podcast
  • Get to know the basics – Introductory DiSC e-book

Session I (4h)

  • Introduction to DiSC® – Model, Research and Tools
  • DiSC for You – Your Profile, Styles, Needs and Priorities
  • DiSC Deeper Dive – Exploring DiSC Styles, DiSC Psychology and Deeper Needs and Priorities
  • DiSC with Others – People Reading, Adapting to Other People, Building Relationships and Personal Effectiveness

Session II (4h)

  • Implementing DiSC® – Giving feedback, Developing people, Facilitation
  • Learn about online profiling on the EPIC platform
  • Explore follow-up learning platform MyEverythingDiSC
  • Discover new interactive DiSC leaning platform Catalyst
  • Overview of DiSC Certification Package content and resources


You can choose between two packages.

We offer group discounts in case of multiple participants from the same organization.

DiSC certification does not carry any additional costs (eg annual fee, account fee, re-certification, etc).
Future billing will only be based on the number of profiles used and the pricelist.

Check the sample profile of our most used profile here.



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