Developing teams and leaders in Tesonet

Tesonet - one of the biggest tech companies in the Baltic States, is an accelerator specializing in next-generation IT products, with a focus on cybersecurity tools and solutions. Tesonet employs over 1400 people and work with clients from more than 80 countries, investing and helping to develop game-changing products and experiences.


Tesonet chose DiSC because it is a simple and well developed method that would give them a common language to talk about people differences and show possible paths for better cooperation and to improve organizational culture. Their Learning & Development Partner participated in our DiSC Certification program to be able to facilitate DiSC sessions internally. Tesonet uses DiSC for 3 types of learning and development activities:
      • Team bonding sessions. DiSC helps team members to get to know each other better (become aware of your strengths's and challenging sides) and to solve various problems (lack of trust, miscommunication, etc.).
      • Leadership development. DiSC helps their current people managers and potential successors identify their unique leadership styles, potential weak points and create development plans to work on them.
      • Soft skills training (e.g., Effective Communication, Conflict Solving, Giving Feedback, etc.). They have incorporated DiSC into soft-skills training to help employees understand that the way they communicate and provide feedback might not work for people with other styles. This understanding strengthens their communication skills and broadens their toolkit.


Tesonet is using the all-new Everything DiSC® Catalyst learning solution that offers a personalized interactive learning platform that integrates DiSC into the natural flow of everyday work.

"DiSC gave us a common language to talk about our differences and not to be afraid to express our fears or weaknesses. It also showed possible paths for cooperation between from the first glance very different and confronting styles."

- Inga Balžekaitė-Šaulienė, L&D Partner.

Feedback from participants of DiSC sessions

“I gathered a lot of information about my team and a lot of useful knowledge on different types of people. It will be very helpful in everyday life.” “I got to know team members much better. Found ways how we can supplement each other and improve performance as a team.” “People differ. If you have any misunderstandings in communication, focus on their (not yours) profile: goals, motives and fears.”

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