Games and Activities with DiSC Cards

Are you using DiSC® card games yet?

We want to bring your attention to the fact that there are three different DiSC card decks which you can use for several games, activities and exercises.

We highly recommend these for a more interactive learning experience and for strengthening participants’ DiSC knowledge.

Here are the 3 different card decks which you can print out and customize yourself:


1) DiSC Group Culture Cards

This game is meant to be played by groups, mostly real teams, who already have a basic knowledge of DiSC. The game goes together with DiSC Group Culture Report. Read more about the rules of the game and download the card file here.


2) DiSC® In-Depth Cards

These were developed as an exercise to challenge people to think about the differences between the four dimensions of DiSC. Through game and discussion these cards enable to go in-depth with DiSC. They are also meant to be used as a reinforcement of DiSC knowledge. Read more here.


3) QuikDiSC® Cards

QuikDiSC® is an entertaining card game that introduces learners to DiSC® and increases training effectiveness. Read more here.


Have you tried all 3 games already? How did the games go and what was the feedback?


Please contact us in case you want to download the DIY card files of these games in your own language. Then we will send your local language version to you.


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